Kontakt Jyske Bank – Nordsjælland Erhverv Nicolai Hansen. Erhvervspartner, Internationalt Erhverv. 89 89 17 74 nicolai-hansen@jyskebank.dk. Billede af Peter Rügler Sørensen. Peter Rügler Sørensen.

Il s’agit d’un avertissement contre certaines des plus grandes organisations criminelles du Danemark qui bénéficient du soutien du gouvernement et du parlement.
soutien total là-bas par le copinage « corruption/népotisation ». a dissimulé le crime organisé.

L’organisation criminelle Jyske Bank est impuissante face à la vérité sur la vaste fraude dans laquelle plusieurs employés et dirigeants de Jyske Bank sont impliqués.

Videos and pictures.
CEO Lars Stensgaard Mørch remember now.
I only want to help Jyske Bank to stop doing criminal acts.

When the Danish State in the government led by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is instrumental in covering up some of the largest criminal Danish companies as the Jyske Bank A/S actually is.

And that Danish State is covering up the Banks crimes, in order to secure the State’s financial interests, in the same criminal companies like the Jyske Bank A/S.

Then it is an expression of corruption. “cronyism and nepotism i Denmark. “

The power of the Danish elite, and to have control over those who have to comply with the legislation, and to be able to cover the large Danish companies who do not have to comply with the legislation.

After my investigation of the Foundation in Jyske Bank, as well as my personal experiences, I have come to the following.

Jyske Bank is lying,
Jyske Bank is committing fraud,
Jyske Bank make mandate fraud,
Jyske Bank abuses the law,
Jyske Bank uses bribery,
Jyske Bank uses return commission,
Jyske Bank Violates the land registration act,
Jyske Bank is behind exploitation,
Jyske Bank makes power of attorney abuse,
Jyske Bank abuses the bank’s access to the land registration right,


I am writing that Jyske Bank is used or making document fake, Lying, fraud, mandate fraud, abuses the law, bribery, return commission, have violated the land registration act, “tinglysningsloven”, exploitation, attorney abuse

Have some of you mentioned on. www.bankyt.dk and in other posts some comments or corrections, to what I write about Jyske Bank’s offences. ? then your many years of silence is not the way to answer, your silence is simply to confirm what I write is true.

Legal Director of Jyske Bank, while I am still waiting for you for Lars Stensgaard Mørch, Niels Erik Jakobsen, Per Skovhus and Peter Schleidt to answer me to my repeated calls for dialogue and desire for an interview.

You wrote on 11-08-2023 that you on behalf of the Directorate would rather investigate the bank’s other options than talk to me, and that Jyske Bank does not want to seek peace.

Is this correctly understood.
Your email 11-08-2023. is part of the post.

If Jyske Bank still wants to wage war against the customers who, as I have established that the Jyske Bank group, has demonstrably exposed customers to extensive fraud and other crimes, then that is the board’s choice.

So while I ask you again Martin Skovsted-Nielsen what will you answer to my many calls for dialogue.

I have made many proposals for peace, while Jyske Bank has only made threats to investigate the bank’s options.

If not, I will comply with Jyske Bank’s requirements, and not forget all about it, after the bank’s organized fraud.

Legal Director in Jyske Bank Martin Skovsted-Nielsen

Kollundvej 4
8600 Silkeborg

As I have said and written for several years.

I am not afraid of some of you.
If Jyske Bank’s employees have not lied and broken a single law, go to the police and ask them to investigate my many accusations and the shared evidence.

Or you can talk to me, and find a solution, call me on +4522227713.


If offenses such as fraud and bribery are the foundation of Jyske Bank, then it is a problem for those who help cover up Jyske Bank’s organized crime.

I have written and asked for an answer, is it a case of.fake, or have I misunderstood something, have I made a mistake, maybe Jyske Bank’s employed managers cannot understand what I am writing, you have a problem with Jyske Bank’s credibility, or a lack of honesty .

As you can read and see also on www.banknyt.dk, it is clearly and absolutely clear, that the Danish companies that are proven to commit document forgery and fraud as well as other legal offences, and at the same time have the state’s financial interests.

They get the government’s fully acceptance, i.e. support for itself to decide, which laws and regulations this criminal organization will comply or not comply with.

So when banks as Jyske Bank A/S, for example as it is in my example, where Jyske Bank A/S also has bribed Lundgren’s law firm, not to present Jyske Bank’s use of crime, then it is an expression of the Danish State, with the support of the Danish members of parliament / politicians themselves are instrumental in covering up corruption among Danish lawyers, and crimes committed by Danish banks.

When the Danish government partly ind bad belief, is cover up Jyske Bank’s organized fraud, and it seemed to contribute to undermining legal certainty.

Then it becomes not only a d
Big scandal, but also the way that the state, together with the powerful criminals, clearly shows all other in Denmark and other nations, that in Denmark not everyone is equal to the law.

To who ther must not comply with the legislation in Denmark is the Jyske Bank group, ther clearly has been exempted by the Danish politicians, from having to comply with the law and the applicable rules.

Therefore I say repeatedly that Jyske Bank’s employees, which actually commit fraud and forgery, as well as other crimes, is is carried out with the approval of the Danish state, i.e. with the government’s full acceptance


Soon you will be able to read the latest emails to the highly criminal Danish Bank from November 2023. by the link below.

Read the letters that I have sent to the #bank #JYSKEBANK.

And also the mails to the Danish authorities, as well as the Danish politicians and direct to the Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who have not responded or ruled on a single inquiry.

SEE AND READ som of the sheared letters and mails to Jyske Bank.

Documents there have been shared at www.banknyt.dk

The home page banking news, as regarding to the Danish banks way to do banking business, due to the use of fraud and forgery and bribery.


It is my claim, that the Danish state by corrupt judges, lawyers, authority staff and the Danish government op to date, by relating passivity to all documentation with evidence, or only to information about Jyske Bank’s crimes or offences.

Although I have repeatedly requested the Prime Minister’s Office, for permission to present related the complete documentation for the Danish Bank Jyske Bank’s many violations of the law, and that i also have requested, that the government and individual politicians make proposals to investigate the Jyske Bank A/S, in relation to the crime that I have documented the Bank is behind.


Everyone is silent, and and not a single one ind the government or the authorities has replied to a single of the many emails.

You are all very welcome to contact the government, and the Danish politicians yourself, and the ask them why they are covering INVOLVE Danish Banks crimes against their customers.

The Prime Minister’s Office

Prins Jørgens Gård 11
1218 København K

Ask Mette Frederiksen yourself, why the government, is covers up criminal Danish banks ?.  As Jyske Bank A/S

Ask why the Danish government deliberately, and in bad faith, has chosen by passivity to refrain from answering my many inquiries.

That is to cover op, those as the Jyske Bank’s employees who, with the management’s knowledge, i.e. tacit approval, and that have covered up their many criminal acts, that the Danish Bank Jyske Bank’s own employees are demonstrably behind.


I am asking you, that in my opinion the Danish state and lawyers, as wel judges too, thee thereby is undermining the Danish law, when the government and the politicians, in order to cover up Jyske Banks criminal activities.

In other words, the Danish state itself provides legal certainty for the Danish population to do crimes.

If you are considering to doing business with a Danish organisation, or with large Danish companies.

Then I must warn you against one of the biggest criminal Danish banks.

You must be aware that, if Danish companies are exposed you to crime, the Danish government as the state will do everything the state can, to cover up the criminal Danish organization.

And with a high probability will cover up these criminals, as the Danish government and the state covers Danish banks’ uses of fraud, bribery and other types of offences.

The new Danish director of Jyske Bank A/S who was spotted by Anders Christian Dam, who himself has been strongly involved or directly responsible for Jyske Bank’s organized fraud against my small company.

And at least in the period of May 2016 and the next several years have Anders Christian Dam been complicit in Jyske Bank’s organized fraud business.


The most remarkable thing, is that CEO Lars Stensgaard Mørch shortly before, the criminal organization Jyske Bank A/S employed him,  just had been fired as the former director of Danske Bank A/S.

That was after the press had investigated, Danske Bank’s money laundering, and have documented, that it was the earlier director of Danske Bank A/S. Lars Stensgaard Mørch.

Who was the chief responsible, for the world’s largest money laundering case, in the “Danish Bank.” Danske Dank A/S, who was discovered to have made laundering of approx. DKK 1,500,000,000,000 after crimes.

Ceo Martin Skovsted-Nielsen is
undoubtedly in Anders Dams opinion, a
worthy leader of the Danish criminal organization Jyske Bank.

The board by Anders Dam chose to employ the fired director as the new CEO of Jyske Bank.

Lars Stensgaard Mørch has like the others in the criminal bank, not responded to some inquiries.

Find CEO Lars Stensgaard Mørch.
These are addresses you are related to.
Lars Stensgaard Mørch
Direktor CEO for the criminal Danish bank, Jyske Bank A/S
Lars Stensgaard Mørch
Herningvej 102, 2. 005
8600 Silkeborg
Dronninggårds Alle 57
2840 Holte

As said and written, if there are some in the Jyske Bank group and the Bank’s friends who believe that I expose them to slander or libel, when I have written about Jyske Bank’s many offenses for 8 years, then contact the police and ask that the bank’s criminals activities are investigated.

The only thing Jyske Bank has managed to date is to deny all legal offences, and that Legal Director Martin Skovsted-Nielsen wrote a threat on 11 August 2023 that if I did not want to refrain from referring to Jyske Bank’s criminality and legal offences, then Jyske would The bank’s management and director, together with all Jyske Bank’s lawyers, examine their options.

Read the email  lawyer Martin Skovsted-Nielsen.

11-08-2023. 14.55. Jeg ønsker kun fred, men også at vi sammen løser hvad vi skal have løst, Hvorfor mødes vi ikke bare over en kop kaffe og gennemgår det jeg har skrevet, jeg vil gerne slette hvad der måtte være fejl og misforståelser.



And note that in the email, Jyske Bank denies every violation of the law, and ends by threatening me to have to delete my information about the criminal Jyske Bank’s violations, and that I must keep my mouth shut and accept that the Jyske Bank group is behind extensive fraud against my little business, which the Danish State and the government together is cover up, all in order to protect the state’s financial interests in this criminal Danish financial fraud company.

Read here about the corrupt  Lundgrens lawyers.


As the employees in Dansk Erhverv, Nævnenes  Hus, Kromann Reumert lawyers, Horten lawyers, Lund Elmer Sandager lawyers, Lundgrens lawyers.
Who have chosen to cover up the banks criminal acts, then the are covering up Jyske Bank’s organized crime, that is, in my opinion, to have contributed to the crimes they themselves have covered up.


Read here some of the late emails and letters to the government, and to Jyske Bank, will be updated


And then ask yourself why not a single one of these or many more letters and emails has been answered.

My claim is that the Danish State largely allows corruption and the use of bribery, as it has been presented when Jyske Bank’s management bribed Lundgren’s lawyers not to present Jyske Bank’s use of document forgery and fraud as well as exploitation to the court.

If you come out of the bush and perhaps have some comments or corrections to some of what I write in the diary www.banknyt.dk, call me “+4522227713.” and let’s arrange to meet.

With best regards

Carsten Storbjerg Skaarup

Soevej 5.
3100 Hornbaek

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Når den danske Stat ved regeringen, og med Statsminister Mette Frederiksen i front, er medvirkende til at dække over nogle af de største kriminelle danske virksomheder, og der er for at sikker Statens økonomiske interesser i de kriminelle virksomheder.

Så er det et udtryk for at korruption “kammerateri og nebotisme” er magtens elite, som STATEN kontrol over hvem der ikke skal overholde lovgivningen i Danmark.


Jyske Bank koncernen er tydeligvis af de danske politikere blevet fritaget fra at skulle overholde de gældende regler, derfor lave Jyske Banks ansatte reelt bedrageri og dokumentfalsk samt anden strabar kriminalitet med godkendelse fra den Danske stat, altså med regeringens fulde accept.

Snart vil du kunne læse de seneste mails fra november, som jeg har sendt til den stærkt kriminelle danske bank, og til de danske myndigheder, samt danske politikere der ikke har svaret eller regeret på en enste henvendelse, det er der min påstand at den danske stat ved regering til dato ved at forholde sig passivitet til alt dokumentation for Jyske Banks forbrydelser eller lovovertrædelser.

Bevidst og i ond tro, har valgt at ved passivitet at undlade at svare dem som Jyske Banks medarbejdere der med ledelsens viden, altså stilsigende godkendelse har dækket over de mange kriminelle handlinger som Jyske Banks egne ansatte beviseligt står bag, dermed undergrave den danske regering og altså staten selv retssikkerheden for for den danske befolkning.

Du overvejer at handle med en dansk organization, eller med store Danske virksomheder, skal værer klar over at, bliver de af disse udsat for kriminalitet, vil den danske regering og dermed staten med høj sandsynlighed dække over disse kriminelle, som den danske regering og Staten dækker over danske bankers bedrageri, bestikkelse og andre former for lovovertrædelser.



Advokat nævnet der ikke mener der er en overtrædelse at advokater tilbageholde processkrifter overfor deres klient.

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