Get my exclusive story about the organized crime that the Danish state covers. Feel free to buy the company that is suing Jyske Bank, and help to give Jyske Bank a big slap in the face, and tell them that the Danish state covers criminal Danish banks.


With Denmark’s biggest scandal case, against Danish fraud bank, in the case where also the Danish state is involved, and cover up the organized crime committed by large Danish companies, such as Jyske Bank.

The Danish state dropped the first bomb, over small innocent bank customers who say that Jyske Bank should not be able to survive a reciprocal attack on the Danish bank.

Brændt el / komfur udtag. Band i Jyske Bank

The case shows that judges in Denmark cover corruption, certainly a Supreme Court judge Kurt Rasmussen, but also a partner Jens Steen Jensen from Kromann Reumert, as well as Martin Lavesen from DLA Piper Advokater, who all have a different view of justice, corruption and camaraderie than I have.


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The plaintiff is Storbjerg Erhverv have tried to get the case into a new company, Banknyt Holding ApS

Jyske Bank has blocked this.

You will receive all my original documents and all emails in my case, where only some of them have been submitted.

The company in charge of the case has no other activities, and does not own anything, other than the case.

With strong forces and lawyers, you will probably in court be able to give the Danish state a good deal of slaps.

You will discover the Danish state is contributing to corruption taking place in Denmark, as the government and the Danish judges ingurie it happens.

It is clear that the government, as well as the Danish authorities and politicians, cover up banks’ crime against customers, “my case is unique.”

You can say the Danish lawyer board, which is works with camaraderie.

I have strived for this on

If it is done correctly, you will probably have a good storry to tale about korruptionen in Denmark.

I would like if Denmark’s second largest bank being closed, as the bank does not live up to having a license to operate a bank.

I am informed the Danish National Bank internally refers to my case as a scandal.

One from behind the police said in 2016 it was political to stop my case.


Here you will find the verdict in the case BS-402/2015-ViB. Included in text and link.

LINK to the extract BS-402/2015-VIB

23-02-2022. Mail til Advokatsamfundet og Martin Lavesen fra DLA Piper Advokater, Kurt Rasmussen Domstolsstyrelsen, Jens Steen Jensen fra Kromann Reumert, samt de danske myndigheder og poliktikerene samt pressen.

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Is it a criminal offense for the Danish state to cover up a criminal Danish bank’s, or is it completely normal in Denmark.

22-02-2022. Mail til danske myndigheder og poliktikerene samt pressen.

Rettes til med blandt andet billeder.

Disse 6 banker Danske Bank, Nykredit, Nordea Danmark, Jyske Bank, BRFkredit og Sydbank skal ikke overholde dansk lovgivning, som giver frikort til danske banker, for at begå økonomisk organiseret kriminalitet, såsom bedrageri, dokumentfalsk, mandatsvig, grov udnyttelse, og bruge bestikkelse vel og mærket uden at staten statsministeriet eller de danske myndigheder og institutioner vil blande sig. Og når hele Christiansborg med alle poliktikerene og Statsministeriet ved Mette Frederiksen har givet tilladelse til at banker gerne må lave groft udnyttelse, og kriminalitet uden at måtte udsættes forefterforskning og strafforfølgning, så er det en angreb på danskernes retssikkerhed, derfor skal andre nationer og udenlandske virksomheder vide, at den danske stat, samt regeringen ved statsadvokaten Mette Frederiksen, bevidst dækker over den kriminalitet, som danske banker laver.

Mette Frederiksen, what will you and the the Ministry of State do, when you and Christiansborg have been presented with clear evidence?

That one of these 6 banks is Danske Bank, Nykredit, Nordea Danmark, Jyske Bank, BRFredit and Sydbank.

Has forged documents, fraud, exploitation, deception, mandate fraud, and has paid Lundgren’s lawyers a bribe, so that Lundgren’s Dan Terkildsen was not allowed to present the plaintiff’s fraud allegations against Jyske Bank.

What will the Danish state and prime minister do, will you continue to cover up criminal Danish banks, or will you soon stop Jyske Bank, to be able to deceive more companies and customers.

I ask then this case should be shared, with the nations that trade with Danish companies.

Other nations must know that in Denmark the Danish state helps, and covers the authorities together with the government, over Danish criminal banks, this also involves employees from the National Board of Justice.

The Danish state also covers that the large law firms’ is involvement in fraud, so when the Danish lawyers such as Lundgren and Lund Elmer Sandager lawyers knowingly and dishonestly, cover the corruption and the crime that Danish banks, which here Jyske Bank is behind, and which can continue without the state’s interference.

Then it is a problem for the rule of law, and the entire population of Denmark.

When I wrote to the Parties at Christiansborg on 1 May 2019. and thus made the state, and the government, and the then Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen aware of the problem, with the crime Jyske Bank is behind, it is serious.

I have been writing continuously as of February 2, 2022.

You can read the email here in the LINK. to the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the National Bank, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and more.

No later than 1 February 2022. I shared with the Prime Minister, among others, these 2 emails. with copy

Mail LINK.
Mail LINK. 

Since no one has rejected this fraud committed by Jyske Bank, which the largest Danish companies can continue to expose their customers to, with a state guarantee, ie with support from the Danish government, which has refused to interfere in the criminal acts that the authorities are aware of the Danish bank Jyske Bank is behind it.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has repeatedly received several requests from the Prime Minister’s Office for an investigation of Jyske Bank for the matters the authorities have received, with reference to dealing with the crime the Danish bank Jyske Bank Group is behind.

The ministries, including the authorities such as the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, have provided full documentation of Jyske Bank’s crimes, and that Jyske Bank has also paid Lundgren’s lawyers bribes for the Danish law firm to withhold information from the court about Jyske bank and the management’s criminal acts.

Until today 22 February 2022. not a single one dared to answer me, no one dares to say anything, as the Danish state and the government itself are completely aware that the Danish state covers the organized crime that Jyske Bank is behind.

By covering up crime, and counteracting investigation and prosecution, the Danish authorities and politicians themselves can be directly involved in Jyske Bank’s fraud.

If I get a reply to the email of 02-02-2022. to the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the politicians at Christiansborg, the prosecution, the National Bank and more here.

Will it be the first time.

The Board of Directors of the National Bank of Denmark, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, Minister of Finance Nicolai Halby Wammen and Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup and the Board of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority all know very well that Jyske Bank’s license to operate must be revoked from Jyske Bank. in Denmark.

My fight to stop the corruption that governs Denmark naturally continues, as I all know I want a dialogue with CEO Anders Christian Dam, as he must be able to account for Jyske Bank’s actions, and perhaps even correct it.

This page is about Denmark being largely controlled by corrupt lawyers as Lundgrens, and criminal banks as Jyske Bank, and incompetent judges like Kurt Rasmussen who chose to cover up the crime of the powerful friends, it started 17 May 2016, where I first wrote directly to Jyske Bank Anders Christian Dam, and wrote I think I am exposed to a huge fraud, it should turn out that I was right, but that also the management of Jyske bank want the bank to deceive the customers the bank could I did not know, this little battle has developed to promote information that the Danish state by cooperating with criminal banks, and that the state covers this matter, by counteracting the victim of banks’ crime can get help, and that I as a victim of organized crime in Denmark myself must fight this unequal struggle, against this Danish bank which the Danish state and the authorities as well as the government cover.

You probably ask yourself , why the Danish state by the authorities, all covers the Danish banks’ crime.

The reason is quite simple, because in 2013 the politicians at Christiansborg, and with the Ministry of Business and Growth, decided that, among other things, Jyske Bank should not go bankrupt.

And If the Jyske bank is responsible, for the Jyske bank’s fraud and false crimes, and the bank’s many others criminal acts.

The Financial Supervisory Authority will be forced to revoke Jyske Bank’s license to conduct banking business in Denmark.

Which is why the Danish bank Jyske Bank is highly likely go bankrupt.

And therefore the Danish state, through the authorities, therefore still cover the crime, that Jyske Bank actively had exposed their customers to.

The criminal Jyske bank, and of course through the management of Jyske Bank by CEO Anders Dam, covers well that the Danish state and also the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority will continue to cover the largest criminal Danish banks.

The management know for sure, that the Danish state covers the crime of the Danish banks, which Jyske Bank exploits, read the post 30-10-2021. here. And the link and here.

Der er 19 januar 2022. klaget til den særlige klageret over Søren Ejdum, for ikke at have citeret vidner Korrekt, den særlige klareret er i højsteret hvor højesteretsdommer Kurt Rasmussen selv har medvirket til at dække over Jyske Banks forbrydelser, ved at afvise alle 27 klage forhold over Lundgrens advokater, og dette er også omfattende Jyske Bank’s bestikkelse af Lundgrens advokater.

Here you will find the verdict in the case BS-402/2015-ViB. Included in text and link.

LINK to the extract BS-402/2015-VIB

Judgment in case BS-402/2015-VIB. with the errors and omissions that the judge forgot to present a completely correct rendering of witness explanation, witnesses said in some places something a little different than what is reproduced. This is how it is in the Danish courts, why I expect the court will actually cover up that Jyske Bank has committed fraud, and not relate to the fact that Jyske Bank has made forged documents, to hide the fact that there was no loan, which Jyske Bank has withdrawn millions of Danish kroner interest to exchange interest.


Denmark is a corrupt country.

Sådan handler kammarater for at dække over kriminelle banker og korupte Advokater i Danmark. GOD ADVOKAT SKIK.