30-06-2023. Mail. I STILL WAITING that you CEO Anders Dam will answer me. IF you seriously thought that your board member Philip Baruch wrote 1 February 2019. where the Jyske Bank group, in front of the corrupt Lundgren’s lawyers, made accusations against me of committing criminal acts when I wrote information about Jyske Bank’s crimes, such as fraud. / But dear Jyske Bank and your managers, if you think I have committed something criminal by writing, then call me for a correct the mistake.

not ready for reading, i


Mail 30. jun. 2023. 02.59. to.

Morten Ulrik Gade • mug@jyskebank.dk


Statsministeriet • stm@stm.dk
Justitsministeriet • jm@jm.dk
Kommunikation • kommunikation@nationalbanken.dk
Hotline (FT) • Hotline@ftnet.dk
Jura og Forretning • jur@domstolsstyrelsen.dk
Kristian Ambjørn Buus-Nielsen • kbn@les.dk
30 juni 2023.
Jyske Bank A/S
Vestergade 8-16.
8600. Silkeborg.
The management, legal, the management, the board, the board of representatives and Jyske Bank’s friends.
Att. CEO Anders Dam
And Cc the Danish stat by the Danish government Mette Frederiksen.
Hello in the Jyske Bank.
I say it again.
You know I want dialogue, about what I write in the page www.banknyt.dk
I offer again to sign an agreement, that I will start the cleanup, that is to close the book.
JYSKE BANK i believe this page and story is not good for the Danish State.
Et is you against me, and I am not afraid of you.
I would be happy to come into your store, if you have an agreement document, that you would like me to sign, and if I otherwise agree with the content, I will sign and start with a clean-up.
I don’t bring any digital stuff, just a pen.
This is an attempt to stop this.
I don’t know what else I can propose, but you must understand, that I don’t want this nonsense to continue.
Bot only if you dare.
Or you can talk with me, to stop this writing.
Jyske Bank you have a problem, and that is me og my story about corruption in Denmark, as ind the government.
Call me +4522227713
Today 30 juni i am i copenhagen.
And i offer to visit you.

Remember Anders Christian Dam.
You can stop this if you want

Do you want to answer me. ????
Have a Nice day.
Carsten Storbjerg Skaarup
Soevej 5.
3100. Hornbaek

Denmark probably among the world’s most corrupt countries.


This is a WARNING against some of the largest Danish criminal companies, as the Danish Bank JYSKE BANK.



Jyske Bank is lying,
Jyske Bank is committing fraud,
Jyske Bank make mandate fraud,
Jyske Bank abuses the law,
Jyske Bank uses bribery,
Jyske Bank uses return commission,
Jyske Bank Violates the land registration act,
Jyske Bank is behind exploitation,
Jyske Bank makes power of attorney abuse,
Jyske Bank abuses the bank’s access to the land registration right,
Jyske Bank making document fake,

Se more at Banknyt dk

Meet Jyske Bank’s enemy no. 1 Carsten Storbjerg. on YouTube. nickname @Jyskebank.

FacebookYouTube and Twitter, no one can stop my advertising about the Danish bank. Jyske Banks crime, supported by the Danish state, and the government, and Employees in Lundgrens lawyers, Kromann Reumert lawyers, Horten lawyers, Lund Elmer Sandager lawyers, Danish Erhverv, Nævnenes Hus – Forbrugerklagenævnet, the Danish Court and many more.

Perhaps Denmark’s biggest scandal ever.
Extensive cronyism and corruption among Danish lawyers, is a direct violation of the principles of legal certainty, and not a single one in the Danish parliament wants to stop it.

Who is behind the subversive business in Denmark.

A battle between the Danish authorities and the government
leads against the people, to deprive the individual of the right to self-determination, and the deprivation of the right to a fair trial.

Which the Danish authorities are behind to cover up, that Jyske Bank has committed organized fraud, and that Jyske Bank in this connection bribed Lundgren’s lawyers, so that they could not present the client’s allegations against Jyske Bank, for the many criminal offenses that can deprive Jyske Bank the right to conduct financial business in Denmark.

Was it deliberate or a mistake when the Danish State at the government chose to do subversive activities, to cover up Jyske Bank’s crimes against the small customer, which here tells about the problem of cronyism and corruption deep into the Danish authorities.

Again Carsten says you should just call me and book me for a meeting, because there is something I want to talk to you all about, and that is corruption in Denmark, which you all seem to be a part of.

Who is behind the undermining business in Denmark, when lawyers and judges, together with the authorities, deprive the population of legal certainty, in the fight to protect Jyske Bank, i.e. to cover up Jyske Bank’s crimes.

There is 100% agreement among the participating lawyers and judges, that a client who hires a lawyer in Denmark, does not have the right to decide on his own trial, and Jens Steen Jensen from Kromann Reumert lawyers, Birgitte Frølund from Horten lawyers, Kurt Rasmussen from the Supreme Court, Rikke Skadhauge Seerup Krogsgård from the consumer complaints board, and Henrik Hyltoft from the Organization Dansk Erhverv, a decision that Martin Lavesen from DLA Pipper lawyers all agree with.

And say, it is no violation of good legal practice when Danish lawyers hide several pleadings from their client.

So in Danish, these members of the dirty gang have dishonorably decided, that no client has any right whatsoever to see what their lawyers present in their own trial, in that way they cover up, som of the most rotten lawyers of their gang.

Who has really contributed to Jyske Bank’s fraud, either actively or by passively covering up the crimes and where they work, in the upcoming advertisements on the cars I will share this information.

In the Danish Bar Council there is full agreement that.

It is not a breach of good legal practice when Danish lawyers hide and withhold one or more pleadings from their own clients.

And the Bar Council emphasizes, that it is not the clients who decide on the case they have hired a lawyer to present, it is only the lawyer who decides on the client’s case, and this lawyer does not need to tell the client, what the law firm does, nor tell the client that also the other party in a fraud case, has given the same law firm a large million task.


Who dares to be the first who dares to take a meeting with me, when Jyske Bank’s CEO Anders Christian Dam is numbly indifferent, as Jyske Bank also makes a good living by committing fraud.

Which I say the entire Danish government, and the Prime Minister’s office know Mette Frederiksen dishonestly cover up.

The Danish State by the government and the Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, can’t stop the advertisements about Jyske Bank’s organized crime, therefore the parliament chooses to keep their mouths shut, because it matters to the Danish State that safe Jyske Bank’s survival comes before legal certainty.

Be careful which Danish authorities and companies you work with, and remember that there are criminal or corrupt employees among the Danish law firms and among judges and the other authorities, who are all parties to cover up the crimes of the criminal Jyske Bank, all the mentioned have chosen to oppose justice by doing subversive activities against legal certainty, it is about the actors maintaining power and the right to cover up their criminal friends.


I again bring up the problem of corruption / cronyism among judges, Danish lawyers and the government.

And if the Danish press for the editors-in-chief is not allowed to write about the problem of corruption among judges and lawyers in Denmark, then someone else must do it.

And that has become my task, because if I don’t write about the corrupt judges and lawyers in Denmark, no one will.

Please read my emails and messages and initiate an impartial investigation of my many accusations against Jyske Bank and against the Danish State for covering up Jyske Bank’s offences.

A concerned citizen who wants the Danish state to start fighting corruption in Denmark from within.

Remember that dialogue promotes understanding, and we also avoid misunderstandings if there are some of you who believe that Jyske Bank has not violated a single law or regulation.

If anyone thinks I’m wrong about anything, speak up, because silence is no way to get the truth out.

Carsten Storbjerg Skaarup

Soeevej 5.
3100. Hornbaek


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Af centrale personer og advokat virksomheder, der ses at være medvirkende til at svindelen har kunne lykkes og fortsætte, kan jeg her nævne nogle af dem.

Nicolai Hansen, Jeanett Kofoed-Hansen, CEO, Anders Christian Dam, Philip Baruch, Lund Elmer Sandager advokater, Kristian Ambjørn Buus-Nielsen, Juridisk afdeling, Morten Ulrik Gade, Søren Woergaard, Anette Kirkeby, Casper Dam Olsen, Lars Aaquist, Danske Bank, Birgit Buch Thuesen, Lundgrens advokater, Dan Terkildsen, Jens Grunnet-Nilsson, Sebastian Lysholm, Mette Marie Nielsen, Danske Bank, Emil Hald Vendelbo Winstrøm, Rambøll ansat,


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Learn more about Denmark’s probably biggest fraud companys, and JYSKE BANK A/S, which is demonstrably behind organized economic financial crime against customers, supported by the Danish government and Ministry.

Fraud that the Danish State, the Government of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is still covering up.

Fraud which also includes those, who are covered up the crime, or who ther are covered up Jyske Bank’s use of forged documents, and Jyske Banks bribery of Lundgrens lawyers.


Ther are several members of the Danish government, including the Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, and employees of the Ministry of Justice, the Bar Council, the Prosecuting Authority, the State Attorney, the Ministry of Prime Ministership, who together with employees of Kromann Reumert lawyers, Horten lawyers, the Danish Supreme Court, the consumer complaints board, Dansk Erhverv, DLA Pipper lawyers, Lund Elmer Sandager lawyers, Lundgren lawyers, who by passivity have covered Denmark’s probably largest criminal enterprise.

I refer to Jyske Bank’s fraud as a problem for the Danish State, since several employees such as Jens Steen Jensen, Birgitte Froelund, Kurt Rasmussen, Soeren Ejdum, Rikke Skadhauge Seerup Krogsgård, Henrik Hyltoft, Martin Lavesen, Dan Terkildsen, Mette Marie Nielsen “Danske Bank”, Emil Hald Vendelbo Winstrøm “Rambøll”, Sebastian Lysholm, Thomas Schioldan Sørensen from Rödstenen lawyers, Morten Ulrik Gade, Anders Christian Dam, and many more, ther are directly involved, aktiv or passively.

What they all have in common, is that they cover up Jyske Bank’s crimes, as the state and the authorities, have large financial interests in this particular criminal Danish bank.


It is about corruption in Denmark, and that Denmark’s second largest bank, Jyske Bank A/S, is behind  Document forgery,  and fraud, which Nicolai Hansen and Jeanett Kofoed-Hansen together in union, started for Jyske Bank A/S.

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